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I gave up and left everything at the register and walked away. June 1, at pm. She was also great in working with me that we would scan an item and then do the coupon just to make sure it would work. I have a panic of getting to the end, the coupons not working and then the embarrassment of not having enough money or walking away from an order. I only had like five items but she said she would suggest that to people with a ton of coupons. I did get the extra three cents off which was nice since I had a coupon of some sort for each item I bought. May 31, at pm.

June 4, at pm. Debbie , A catalina is a coupon that prints at the register after you purchase specified items. I am new at couponing and I found a website called couponnetwork. It allows you to print catalina coupons on the internet. Have you ever used this website and what would you suggest for me?

Thank You. May 27, at pm. Now they are putting a limit on how many coupons you can use? That is ridiculous! We always have problems at Walmart! April 4, at pm. It simply means that you will require a manager approval before the transaction can be completed or closed out. They just have to come over and type their special code into the register and then the cashier can continue their job.

It could become an inconvenience or a problem if it takes a while for the manager to show up or if that manager decides to be difficult. BEST couponing advice ever… Take a copy of the coupon policy with you and be prepared to stand your ground intelligently and politely. May 25, at pm. May 26, at pm. Debbie , As far as I know, walmart does not offer store coupons. May 25, at am.

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I hope my Walmart continues to provide good customer service. March 11, at pm. I tried my Walmart today and they absolutely refused to follow the new coupon policy and even worse refused to acknowledge it existed. Basically they made we wait at the checkout lane for 20 plus minutes until I gave up and just paid for the stuff. New studies say that Target is now cheaper, and from my trip today I can definitely say that the large majority of grocery items I buy ARE significantly cheaper at Target.

March 9, at am. We sure do!! Me again!! March 9, at pm. Jennifer , I agree. I used to be at Wags times per week back when they had the ESR program. Now I go times per YEAR and no matter how well I plan, my plans always get messed up because something will be out of stock so then I have to rework my plan trying to get the whole item equal to or greater than coupons ratio back on track… ugh not worth it to me at all.

I just stick to CVS as far as drugstores go. So to get rid of one more problem in my life, I stay clear of them!


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Just like I did with Walgreens! March 8, at pm. Regardless of what this policy says, my store will still not allow B1G1 printable coupons, claiming that it is giving something for free which is fraudulent. March 8, at am. It clears up the policy for me.

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It seems that after viewing shows like extreme couponing it changes the corporate perceptions of coupons, they may feel they need to tighten down in every area including coupon use. But for now I use as many as I can where ever I can and really appreciate the savings. Regardless of wal-mart saying this is their policy, the store will still cause several headaches and make it not worth while when trying to use coupons, even with the policy.

It may start out ok because they are informing everyone of the new policy, but eventually the cashiers and managers will be just as much of a pain as they are now. The coupon lady for the TLC show wont like the new policy since she using more coupons than they will be allowing now. But I disagree with the purchasing an item to get a item free. I go into store just to do deals all the time for free, why should I have to purchase something when it is coupon, they will get their money regardless.

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The 90 Day Productivity Power Plan workbook is fun and engaging, as well as filled with thoughtful quotes to help you nail your priorities and plan your next days. Plus, step-by-step videos that teach you how to create your plan in Trello. Ready to rock your next days? Perhaps create new habits and make a routine that sticks? Also, includes a chapter by chapter video lessons to help you use each set of pages.

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