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Fuel points: Shoppers get revved up for discounts at the pump and, fortunately, Safeway offers fuel points. Restrictions apply. Plus, earn 2x fuel points on gift cards every day. Be sure to look for occasional bonus fuel point offers on gift cards and select products. For more information, click here. You will be charged the lowest advertised price for all additional identical items.

Excludes fuel, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, pharmacy and dairy products.

Rules for Double Coupons

Stand your ground. We are committed to providing fresh quality products every day to our customers. If a purchase is not as you expected it to be, return it for a refund, exchange or adjustment to your satisfaction. Without it, your return is at the discretion of the manager. Walmart has discontinued price matching at many of its stores, so clarify first. Reusable bags: To help the environment, Safeway encourages customers to bring their own reusable bags. However, they do not offer any discount for doing so. Safeway will deliver groceries to your front door. There may also be a fuel surcharge.

To review FAQs, click here. Super Safeway: Coloradoans are fortunate because they have a great resource for finding deals at Safeway. They also offer Safeway gift card giveaways on a regular basis. If you ever find one, let us know! Never knew that.

Seems to have been ignored since the double coupons disappeared. Lynn — Digital coupons are never doubled across the board — no matter the grocer or store. We have yet to find an exception. I used my November raincheck last week without a problem; it took forever for the popular item to be in stock when I was shopping.

Also, I was recently given a free product, not realizing that it was store policy to give it free if there was a price discrepancy. I just thought they were being nice:. Safeway is more concerned with providing good customer service, so, more than likely, they will accept most rain checks — within reason. I started going to the self check-out so I could go slowly and screen this myself. I had to continually stop and get help from the attendant. It started to be exasperating. A corporation this big should really be able to fix this snafu.

Sandi — We agree! We always have lots of trouble with Just For U coupons. CA — From our experience, the misinformed or unhelpful employee is the most frustrating part of shopping for deals. And, as you stated, sometimes, a manager is no better. We applaud you calling corporate to express your frustration. We do every time, whenever we receive poor customer service at any business. I found price issues at my store consistently on Just For You downloads.

Stores that do will only accept retailer or manufacturer coupons, no printed or electronic coupons. Like Safeway, SuperFresh doesn't necessarily double at every store. Shoppers must consult their local SuperFresh to see if they participate. Did We Miss One? Let us know if you've found another grocery store in Fairfax, Richmond, Arlington, or anywhere else in the state that doubles coupons and we'll add it to the list. Find grocery coupons. Save money today.

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Safeway Weekly Ad Preview and Coupon Matchups for 3/14 – 3/20 Ad

Use Safeway's website or mobile app to upload coupons to your Just for U account, and you will receive that discount when you check out. Compare the coupons and look for opportunities to use both if you plan to make multiple purchases of particular items. Just for U coupons can be either store or manufacturer coupons. Be sure to identify the type of each coupon so you can take advantage of any stacking opportunities. Personalized Prices Using your Fresh Values card when you check out gives you access to all of the sale prices advertised on the shelves at Safeway.

As a Just for U member, you will receive notifications when these sales appear on items that you buy regularly, based on your shopping history. These deals are not advertised on store shelves, and can be managed through Safeway's website or mobile app.

Just select the personalized prices that you are interested in from the website or mobile app, and you will receive that deal at checkout when you use your Fresh Values card. Check the personalized price offerings often, as they change periodically. You will occasionally find offers for free items when you make a purchase above a set amount.

Safeway Coupon Policy - Grocery Coupon Guide

Keep in mind that these spending requirements go into effect before any coupon discounts, so you can essentially lower the limit if you have applicable coupons. Check the limits and time periods for each, and use your price-tracking skills to find the right time to take advantage of every offer.

Deal Match Your Just for U membership also gives you access to Safeway's online deal matching service.