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Dark matter accounts for approximately 85 percent of all the mass density in the known universe. The mystery substance is dark, meaning scientists cannot see it or interact with it in any meaningful way. But gravitational effects of dark matter are very much there and cause galaxies to appear much heavier than the sum total of what we can detect. Researchers at the University of Tokyo in Japan hope to finally crack the mystery with the aid of lasers and theoretical particle dubbed axions. These gadgets tell you how much energy you are using in pounds and pence and send your readings directly to your supplier by wireless signal.

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But many customers don't want a new digital meter and have concerns about how suppliers will use the data. Eon's Secure Bill tariff also requires you to have a smart meter fitted and calculates the fixed monthly amount you pay based on how much energy you used the previous year. This means that, if you use a lot of energy one year, your bills will shoot up the next. Rik Smith, energy expert at uSwitch. Victoria Arrington, of Energy Helpline, says: 'The tariffs may appeal to those who feel they will use a lot of energy.

However, the reality is that even those with high usage may spend hundreds of pounds more than those who simply switched to one of the bargain tariffs on the market.

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But experts warn that, as suppliers look to offset the cost of the new cap, their cheapest tariffs will creep up. Eon says its Secure Bill tariff offers customers a personalised price based on their previous year's consumption. When they save energy, their bills fall the following year so the point of the tariff is not to encourage unlimited usage. It does not have an upper usage cap.


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    Here's what you need to do if you want to dispute the charges Previous. The hidden costs of an unlimited energy deal: They promise a set price no matter how much you use but there's a catch to the 'peace of mind' British Gas, Eon and Green Star Energy have all launched unlimited deals But in most cases these tariffs work out far more expensive than a regular deal Some actually cap your usage, while others require you have a smart meter By Leah Milner For The Daily Mail Published: BST, 18 September Updated: BST, 19 September e-mail 19 shares.

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