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I have asked Tops to send me the advanced ad scans on thursdays for buffalo, rochester and syracuse. I was denied that last year— but Im think i will ask them again!!! Jennifer Bowman ok awesome!! Would you guys want it all the scans on the same page?? Im emailing Tops management again and asking. I looked back and was denied that in — maybe they will accomodate it now!!

Jennifer Bowman wow— that would be awesome!!! I know it takes some time to do that—whatever you can do Im sure everyone would approeciate it!!! Thanks again!!! I live in Syracuse and have home delivery of the Syracuse paper. They said that subscribers will get coupons, but if they run low then the copies sent to sell at the local stores may not have coupons. Your email address will not be published.

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Kerrilynn York Reply. Kim Henson Says:. Where u get Sunday papers Reply. Robin Bud Estes Says:. Lisa Logue-Peterman Reply.

Tammy Chavez Says:. Is there a way to print the Sunday coupons.

Brooke Wetherbee Says:. Yes, shame on the animal owners who leave them outside all of the time. The crowd was in good spirits enjoying craft beer and wine samples for a great cause — FARR.

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Already looking forward to next year. Sarcasm does not translate well in the Hot lines. Just make your disparaging remarks and be done with it.

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Keeping my fingers crossed for awesome weather this Saturday at the new craft beer and wine event in downtown Fenton! The Applefest road race was a huge success, which could not have happened without new race leadership. Congrats to the ladies from Boomers Boot Camp and volunteers. Job well done.

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I said a prayer for the man in the black car, who was speeding past a gravel hauler on the curve north of Clyde Road on the double line and missed my car by inches as I was going home traveling north. Please slow down and obey the law. You need to teach them. Everyone just needs to chill out. Tailgating, political party fights, pothole complaints. We are all headed to the same place. Peace and love. The Barn is now accessible from the highway during construction, great for them. What about the other family owned businesses on North Road suffering?

Thank goodness the weather is cooling down. Apologies to the man in the black truck that I pulled out in front of even though I thought it was flying. My fault. A pair of prescription glasses in a black case were left in one of the voting booths at St. They are at Fenton City hall, S. See Clerk Sue Walsh. A huge thank you to the city of Fenton for not spraying insecticide in I have at least five monarchs and several new species of moths, including a hummingbird moth.

Thanks again.